As men, we recognize that the pillars of our church have largely been upheld by women and we are both humbled and grateful to them for their sacrificial service. We also recognize that We also recognize that current challenges within and outside of the Catholic Church require us as men to RISE UP so that together, we can act as “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ’s mercy and grace with all!  


RISE UP! A Revolutionary Retreat for Men will inspire YOU to RISE UP! put on the Armour of God (Ephesians 6:13-17) and, led by the Holy Spirit, engage in the battle facing our families, church and community. RISE UP! will be led by a retreat master who will speak from a uniquely masculine perspective about Satan’s strategy for destroying a man’s relationship with God. He will outline a battle plan to combat the effects of sin in the hearts and lives of men and their families providing the spiritual tools needed to be leaders in the fight to reclaim the culture from the evil one!

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